Bulls Press Licensing
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Bulls Licensing

Bulls Licensing takes complete care of your property on 13 markets, through our 8 local offices. Our skilled, hand picked licensing staff act the culture and know the clients of each and everyone of our markets. We are constantly visiting key prospects personally to create increased sales. Our base of clients include more than 2000 major companies in Scandinavia alone.

Targeted mailings to carefully selected companies ensure repeated direct marketing. Trade fairs and co-ordinated retailer and consumer campaigns generate maximum exposure for the properties we present. We know the markets, because we are there.

We have the tools

Bulls can give you speed to market, and our network of media partners can provide extensive market coverage and superior consumer awareness. In close co-operation with licensors, we create an individual strategy to maximise the long-term health for each property. We pride our selves on simple artwork, swift contract administration and fast reporting. To further service our clients, Bulls has an anti piracy program, developed together with legal copyrights experts who can act instantly, to stop any illegal activities.

Great Partners

Bulls licensing is proud to have the confidence of brilliant creators and licensors such as King Features and Hearst, the Moomin Characters (WW), the Copyrights Group with Postman Pat, DRI with Watership Down, IMPS with the Smurfs, and many others. Together, CPG and Bulls have formed Copyright Promotions Scandinavia, which works successfully with properties such as SONY, Euro 2000 and Stuart Little to name a few.