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Bulls Licensing is a part of Bulls Group and since 1929 we have represented some of the most famous and appreciated licensed characters for syndication, merchandising and publishing. We operate in 13 markets from our 10 office in Scandinavia, Poland, Germany, Austria and the Baltic countries.

Bulls Licensing is today a full service licensing agency with a worldwide network. With our extensive experience we can offer traditional licensing service such as law, royalties and sales, as well as more long-term service such as marketing, brand and licensing strategies
and design development. We excel at licensing!

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The Moomins are created by Tove Jansson, a Finnish pictorial artist and author. The first book was published in 1945 and today her books have been translated into 44 languages. The first TV-animation was created in 1969 and since then different animations have been aired in over 100 countries.

The Moomins live in Moominvalley,
surrounded by mountains, forests and the
sea - the perfect background and inspirition for
fantastic adventures.

A new movie animation will be launched in 2014.

Tove Jansson 100 years anniversary 2014

  Popeye was created in 1929 by Elzie Crisler Segar, and first appeared as a comic strip character. Soon Popeye went to Hollywood in animated short films for Paramount Pictures.

Over the years, Popeye has appeared in television cartoons, videogames, comic books, advertisement and live-action films.

In September 2014 a new movie animation will be launched.



Betty Boop is the first sex symbol of the silver screen, created by Max Fleischer in the early thirties. She has turned out to be an American cult icon, - a forever young Diva.

Her popularity is still huge, with one of the biggest licensing programs worldwide for a variety of products. The artwork is divided into many themes and emotions.

Nemi, created by the Norwegian artist Lise Myhre, has been very successful as a dynamic and very colorful charcter in books, albums and also in many (80) daily newspapers. The artwork libery consists of numerous book covers and comic strip illustrations

She is published in more than ten countries.
  The Beatles is the most successful phenomenon in the music history with sales of more then 1,5 billion records. The group is still selling huge, more then forty years after the break-up.

There are more than 200 licensees all over the world producing many different products, and the artwork consists of thousands of photos, graphics, album covers and logotypes from the merry sixties.

  Fifty shades of grey, the trilogy of three books, created by the British aurthor E.L. James has since the release in may 2011 been sold in more than 60 million copies worldwide.

The books have been launched in more than 37 countries.

The Phantom is a classic adventure strip legend created by Lee Falk in the thirties. He has been fighting against crooks and killes for 400 years.

In the sixties, the artwork was developed by Sy Barry and his artistic expression inspired a lot of painters and illustators.

The comic strip has been published in numerous newspapers worldwide since 1939, still running today. At its peak the strip was read by over one hundred million people daily.
  Flash Gordon, the comic strip character was created in the thirties by the artist Alex Raymond, It soon became very popular in America, especially during the fifties and the sixties with the growing interest of space adventures.

The Flash Gordon comic strip has been translated into motion pictures, television and animated series. The latest version appeared on US TV channel in recently.
  The Rock'n Roll culture is everywhere - in fashion, art, media, in peoples mind, attitude and definitely in licesed merchendise.

Bulls can offer our licensees in the nordic countries a great variety of photos, graphics, logos, album cover art, from many of the greatest rock stars.

Hägar the Horrible is the main character of an American comic strip created by Dik Browne (1917-1989). It became a huge success when it was launched in 1973, and it is still today very popular in many countries, transleted into 13 languages.

The strip is a wild caricature of the medieval Scandinavian Viking.
  Modesty Blaise is a comic strip character created by Brittish author Peter O'Donnell. The first printed adventures of Modesty appeared in the London Evening Standard in 1963 with art by Jim Holdaway. Later in the seventies Enric Badia Romeo made the artwork.

The vharacter Modesty Blaise is a symbol for an independent, strong and very cool woman in the adventure section of books, comics and movies. The pop-art illustrations can be used in a variety of colour settings.

  Pettson and Findus are character, wellknown in Sweden, from a series of childrens books written and illustrated by Sven Nordqvist.

The books have been translated into 44 languages. In addition to this animatios have been produced both for TV and for cinema.
Hälge is a philosophical and lovesick moose. He is constantly striving to find new ways to outwit Edwin the hunter and his dog Blixten, and to maintain his status as the King of the forest.
(created by Lars Mortiner)

Hälge has been published in 49 newspaper in Sweden, and is also published in many albums and books. There are many licensing products with this very popular moos, most rescently there was a launch of a special branded Swedish Whisky.
  Skansen is one of the strongest trademarks in Sweden, 98% of all Swedes are familiar with Skansen and about 1,4 million people are visiting the open air museum each year, 35% are tourists from other countries.

Skansen has a huge collection of Sweadish old handicraft from all parts of the country, and a great knowledge about this heritage.

Recently lots of these traditional textile patterns have been recreated in vectorized patterns in order to use these beautiful artwork once again, for modern purposes.

  Elvis is created by Tony and Maria Cronstam.

Since the first publishing of the comic strip around the year 2000, it has been developing rapidly through numerous of books and albums.
The Non Violence Symbol is one of the most wellknown symbols in the world, orginally made as a sculpture standing outside the UN Building in New York in memoriam of John Lennon. It was created by a Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. Replicas of the sculpture are situated in cities like Cape Town, Beijing, Miami, Stockholm, Honolulu, Madrid, Washington, Paris and Moscow.

The symbol with the knotted gun stands for peace and non violence solutions and has been used all over the world for decades in education programs for schools and for the sports community.

  Yellow Submarine is the animated Beatles movie, released in 1968. It is regarded as a visionary masterpiece, a reflection of the psychedelic, Flower Power era. It was made by a creative team, lead by Heinz Edelmann.

The music is a mix of previous original Beatles tracks and the title song, "Yellow Submarine", was first recorded for the Revolver album in 1966.

There are huge libary of images, photos, drawings and logos from the movie, which have been used in licensing ever since the release.
  Sony Pictures have produced classic movies for many decades and the artwork consists of a huge material from many different, very wellknown movies like Easy rider, Taxi Driver, Ghostbusters, Karate Kid, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Charlies Angels, to mention a few.

Also available is artwork from coming movies:
After Earth, Mortal Instruments, Cloudy 2, Ghostbusters 2.

Paddington, the first book of the bear by Michael Bond was published in 1958. The Paddington books have sold more than 35 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 40 languages.

Globally, there are about 265 licensees producing many kinds of products with the Brittish bear.

A new movie animation will be launched in 2014.

  In 1994, Patrick McDonnell created the comic strip MUTTS wich now appears in over 700 newspeaper in 20 countries. McDonnell has received numerous awards for this strip, including the National Cartoonist Societys highest honor, The Reuben, for Strip, Germanys Max and Moritz Awards for Best International Comic Strip, and the Swedish Academy of Comic Arts Adamson Statuette.

The MUTTS cartoons have been published in seventeen compilations books in the U:S. and in numerous collections throughout the world.

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